The Best Video Creation Software – Video Spin Blaster Pro

If you are looking for the best video creation software, then Video Spin Blaster Pro is the ultimate and the best video maker software and spinner that you’ll ever need for your internet video marketing.

The main features of this video creator software, Video Spin Blaster Pro are :

  • It has been developed so that even a person with ZERO technical knowledge can get on-board and start using this video making software with ease. Video creation and rendering of the videos are just a few clicks. This unique video creation software system will render a 10 minute long HD video in less than a minute!
  • As the name of this video maker software suggests, you can use Video Spin Blaster Pro to spin a video and thereby generating thousands of unique copies of that particular video file, so that YouTube does not treat those files as duplicate content.
  • What I like most about this premium video creator software tool is the TEXT TO SPEECH engine! – Built with the latest text to speech engine, so that you can add and customize the text, plus audio on each one of your slides.

best video creation software

Let me explain this to you:

Today, video has become one of the MOST powerful internet marketing tool with over 70% of internet marketers making use of YouTube for the promotion their products and services. However, 90% of these internet marketers are making the exact MISTAKE that YOU ARE DOING TOO!

What is the point of uploading and ranking over hundreds of your videos if they don’t convert?

A majority of these marketers upload slideshow videos with a simple music background…… well that is not enough!

The solution is : You will need a voice over in order to make your video viewers alert and receptive to your message.

Did you know that videos with voice overs convert 12 TIMES better than the same video without voice over!

Its not worth paying for tons of voice overs as it is just way too expensive.

The good news is that the best video creation software that I’m talking about here, features the BEST Text-To-Speech engine EVER!

The TTS voices sound so natural, it almost tricked me to believe it’s a real human voice over!

Click Here for video samples created with Video Spin Blaster PLUS and be amazed:

  • With just two clicks you can mass watermark a folder of videos, using random watermarks and random placements.

video spin blaster pro plusSome unique features of this professional video creation software that you don’t find in other softwares are:

  1. Individual watermark for every slide
  2. Set custom watermark and text positions for every slide
  3. Auto download articles and split them between slides
  4. Automatically download copyright free images
  5. Download copyright free music and add it to your video
  6. Automatically select thumbnail for Youtube
  7. New Text to Speech Human Voice
  8. Multiple languages support for text to speech engine
  9. Combine images and videos together
  10. Generate videos fast( without transitions)
  11. Spin existing videos to make them unique
  12. Generate multiple videos at a time
  13. Designed to work with Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more…

Video Spin Blaster is the easiest and fastest video creator EVER! There are a lot of other features of this video creation software and spinner, check them out here ==> Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus


Author: Sudi Cheng

Online marketer, blogger and SEO specialist

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